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As hinted above, however, if we accept this approach, the SIB buffer regime may ultimately be counter-productive: it may exacerbate the problem of moral hazard linked with too- big-to-fail status.
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The Agency Problem in New Institutional Economics

The second section is dedicated to the explanation of the general concept of agency problem extended with the problem of asymmetric information leading to adverse selection and the problem of moral hazard, in.

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hazard {podstatné jméno} hazard · náhoda. Yes, we need to avoid moral hazards.


liquidity shock is high (ρ−ρ is high) and/or if the effort moral hazard is large (

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3.2.3 Moral Hazard IN THE Context OF Probability OF Survival

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The abuse of ethics, bluffing, moral hazard and frauds became decisive moments of such games.


Czech Republic, state and private sector, public funds, fi nancial structure of a company, moral hazard. hazard … Was originally used in insurance. come up with their own solution to the problem:;download=114966

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In this thesis, we focus on moral hazard problem and abstract from other negative externalities of the safety